Beer Proliferation

From a post at The Church of Zymurology beer blog today:

Tonight I passed up driving ten blocks to try a Ranger Creek 10% ABV mesquite smoked porter aged in Bourbon barrel cask with vanilla, cacao and cherries added to it – seriously where does it end…

Having driven across town to try some “extra-special” cask beers only to find out they a. are out, b. cost $10 for 6oz. and most often c. taste like foamed ass, I kind of get the point.  The point of ranting that is.  I don’t want locals (or anyone else) to quit making crazy beers.

Experimentation is the soul of craft beer, and like it or not novelty is a major driver of consumer culture.  The mainstreaming of craft beer has (so far) been to the benefit of “serious” beer people.  We’ve essentially tricked the “squares” into financing our outlandish beer tastes.  The constant churn in the casks and guest taps also ensures my old favorites aren’t tapped out by 8pm on a Friday.  And occasionally you do still find something enjoyable (if not always local).  For example, not too long ago Black Star Co-op had Bear Republic’s Racer X in their special tap.  Was it worth trying one (even with the tiny pour)?  Yes.  Will I still relish Black Star’s house Vulcan and occasionally truck down to the Draught House for “plain old” Racer 5?  Hell yes.