2 thoughts on “An Odd Form of Vanity”

  1. It took me until lunchtime today to realize I’ve actually eaten at this place. Once. I remembered the experience, but not the name. The most memorable part was the two-way mirror wall between the dining room and the men’s room. Not often you get to urinate in front of 200 people. Compared to that, and also in an absolute sense, the burgers themselves were unmemorable (and look nothing like the image on the plate above, of course.)

  2. …today to realize I’ve actually eaten at this place.

    From a look at the menu prices this sounds like my experience the one time I went to the Five Guys in RR TX. Without the ‘urination and two-way mirrors’ that is. $11+ for a _not_so_special_ bacon/cheese burger w/fries and a drink. Wow, what deal!

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