Austin’s Cap Metro Joins Google Transit

Austin has become only the 10th city to partner with Google to offer computerized route planning via Google Transit . For some reason this is even more amazing than turn-by-turn driving directions. Perhaps because as someone who has never been a regular user of any kind of mass transit, the maps and schedules have always seemed particularly opaque and incomprehensible. In fact, I’m not sure I even believed that city buses ran on a schedule. And yet, I now know that if I were willing to walk to the bus stop (Google says 13 minutes from my house, but I’m not buying that), I could get to downtown Austin for 50 cents (the trip would consume about an hour, however, double what it takes by car). It even tells me how much the trip would cost in my car: approximately $5.25, not including parking. I guess maybe Austin is serious about that whole going green thing.

One thought on “Austin’s Cap Metro Joins Google Transit”

  1. Wow – how cool is this? (Yes, I’m a bit behind on reading your blog…) But holy cow – I’m completely enamored with this level of detailed information. But perhaps I should instead be rather nervous. I need to think about that…

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