Now That’s Some Seriously Sour Dough

OnlineVia SASE(!), you can buy get for free 150-year-old sour dough starter from the Oregon Trial. But reading this boingboing post about it, the question that comes to mind for me is… Hold on, there were Basque sheep camps in Oregon in the 1940s? (cue sounds of feverish wikipedia-ing–okay, apparently yes)

What’s the snail-mail equivalent of being Slashdotted? Because it just happened to these poor people. If you’re going to take advantage of this offer, I’d strongly urge you to liberally interpret the “cost” section of the order page:

Occasional unsolicited donations offset costs of distribution and production to allow us to carry on Carl’s tradition of not requesting a fee.

Go ahead an include a fiver, eh?

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