New York to Ban iPods?

Last year I thought blogging was the new smoking, but now it seems that electronic devices will receive the dubious honor of being the once ubiquitous thing you can no longer do in public. At the very least, a senator wants to ban iPods and other gadgets while crossing the street.

Logically, however, they’ll need to ban them in cars as well, because you could take someone out just changing songs. And probably subway platforms, because you might stumble onto the track while checking your email. And probably on sidewalks, since not only does an iPod mute your situational awareness but it actually attracts muggers as well. I’m pretty sure after that they’ll have to ban the deaf–after all, they can never hear the traffic that’s about to mow them down. And just to be safe anyone with any visual impairment or mental handicap, because that’s sort of like checking your Blackberry. And, statistically, I think you’d have to ban old people. And baby strollers.

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