Is the Problem Here Fashion or Usability?

And the winner once again, for the tenth straight year running, for the most egregious misuse of imagery is… Big surprise.

Jeans that Flatter Any Shape (Except this One)

I mean the fact that they told anyone to wear that belt… But really the problem here is the crop. Seriously, if you’re going to have any hope of making a skinny woman with no waist look like she has curves at least show her breasts a part of her body that isn’t a perfectly straight line!

Taken in context, the situation actaully gets worse. I imagine all of these images have been reduced from the print magazine article due to rights restrictions, so none of the details they’re trying to point out are visible. This makes the article seem primarily to be concerned with maligning the jeans and white T-shirt (oh yeah, and stand against the wall like you just got picked up for DUI) look. Do any of these women actually look better in the reccomended ensemble? It’s at best a toss-up at this resolution.

…we now return to our regularly-scheduled straight male web developer-produced blog…

And to think, I once wrote content for this site. (shudder)

2 thoughts on “Is the Problem Here Fashion or Usability?”

  1. It’s funny that you just presumed it was a woman. My first thought was that it was a man.

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