Egg-on-Sidewalk Myth Borne Out

While I admit that taking a break at 1:30am from building, testing and launching custom web applications to watch a couple of guys build, test and launch a salami rocket can be quite diverting, today there is no need to call the Mythbusters. In Austin, Texas, when it’s 103 degrees, you most definitely can fry an egg on the sidewalk.

an egg frying on the sidewalk

Notice the shimmery peaks? Either that egg fell from such a great height that it was meringued on impact, or it’s frying.

For scientific accuracy I will note that it did not appear to be a chicken egg. Possibly grackle.

3 thoughts on “Egg-on-Sidewalk Myth Borne Out”

  1. Funny thing. I just wrote to someone back East that ‘Only small children and fools are outside at the moment
    here in TX.’

    Yeh, it’s HOT!

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