What I Was Reading Tonight

And it’s all justified by the phrase “literally kneeing the academic horse’s patoot in the bajoobies.” Ah, bajoobies.


And why was I reading this? Well, because Dan Simmons, whatever his leanings, is a kick-ass author. But tonight, specifically, because my dad sent me this:


It’s long, it’s jaded and disturbing, but I’m a sucker for an allegory, much less a parable, much less a thinly-veiled (okay, not at all veiled) allegorical parable.

Unfortunately it had the result my dad intended: making me want to go to the gun show. Still, my anarchical core makes me see this as irony.

One thought on “What I Was Reading Tonight”

  1. “Jaded”? Jesus. That passes jaded at a run and zips straight into the welcoming arms of paranoid xenophobic. Not that I’m complaining. Lord knows Dan Simmons is the kind of liberal that could make the most conservative conservative sit up and beg mommy to let him crawl back into the womb, and I’m all for that.

    I just wish – is it because I’m a girl and I want all problems to come with handy solutions, like a spill chased by a rag? – I wish that one of these paranoid crazy-cool radical prophets (Mr. Simmons, Mr. Quinn) would give us a chaser of proposed remedy for the shots of straight truth they’re so liberally serving up. All this doom-without-rallying-cry is why liberals are failing to win the hearts of anybody.

    If Simmons even qualifies as a liberal anymore, of course.

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