A Denial Yardstick

Here are a couple of interesting riffs on calories and energy. The first one will be of particular interest to dieters–but also, I think, to anyone who thinks about the fact that “oil is food” thermodynamically, chemically and global economically speaking. The second should be of interest to anyone who drives, owns a computer or pays an electric bill.

If either of these makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable, good. I hope you take a minute to stop and think. Just to be clear, I’m not using this to put forth a low-carb, pro-nuclear, or any other kind of agenda. But if you think I am, or if you think Jorn Barger is, please grab that feeling with both hands and examine it. I really think a person’s reaction to this kind of information is a litmus test for how they cope (or don’t, or don’t feel they need to) with the ideas of sustainability and balance, both on a personal level and in terms of the planet.

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