The Well-Known Palliative Effects of Consumer Lust

So when I wasn’t busy cursing the nadir of the Julian calendar yesterday, I was deciding that I absolutely must have one of these.

The Toyota FJs were always cool, if a little too Jeepy, but this thing is like a Mini Cooper on steroids–rubberized and rigged for towing. How much do I want one of these? My brother’s initial response to my palm-rubbing forward of the link echoes my thinking and sums it up nicely: “Is there a limit of one per customer?”

One thought on “The Well-Known Palliative Effects of Consumer Lust”

  1. I just saw this at the car show. It’s much smaller and stranger-looking in person. I had expected Toyo-HUMMER. Instead Toyota has, more than most every other retro attempt, created a modern version of the old FJ40. (on the outside, at least, as the interior seems very Toyota cookie-cutter)

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