Okay, this one is just for Austinites, or maybe Texans: Did anyone see a light show tonight in the northern sky around 8pm? It was momentary, of course, and looked like a shooting star, only about 20 times brighter and with maybe two or three trails instead of one. My guesses were, in order of occurrence: meteor shower, disintegrating space junk, disintegrating space station, super-sonic fighter jet igniting afterburners. The trajectory was most definitely downward (but only slightly), so that eliminates a lot of terrestrial explanations like fireworks and model rocketry. Nothing in the news tonight, so I assume astronauts were not involved.

One thought on “ET?”

  1. I was walking, from PF Changs, back to the OMNI hotel when I saw the brightest, fastest moving shooting star I have ever seen. It was so bright it burned an image in my eyes, and reminded me of a camera flash. I’ve never seen anything shoot though the sky so fast. I’ve watched meteor showers, comets, and NORMAL shooting stars and they don’t even come close to the speed of the thing I saw that same night!

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