We are Jupiter

Here’s an idea: What if Rita just stops? 9mph isn’t very fast for a hurricane to be traveling. The Long Island Express was moving what, 75mph at one point, 50mph when it made landfall? So what if Rita just parks its ass in the Gulf and sits there sucking up heat and moisture for the rest of the season? I mean storms on other planets can last hundreds of years. Isn’t it conceivable we could get a few good months of climatic/anti-climactic angst out of Rita? Or Beta, or whatever the next big storm is. Just think what that would do for the economy! All these poor suckers buying gas just to sit in traffic for 20 hours every day for weeks. People for 500 miles in every direction with two-car garages filled with bottled water and canned food. You’re probably wishing you had held onto that Yuma Y2K bunker about now, huh?

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