Utter Lack of Context

Working on different projects this week–though not as many as you’d think, given what I’m about to enumerate–I’ve had to work literally simultaneously in Delphi (Pascal), VB.NET, C#.NET, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, Python, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, T-SQL, and MySQL… that I can remember. Half of these are object-based, half are procedural (technically, a couple are neither). The part of my brain that differentiates between Len(Str), Length(Str), Str.length, StrLen(Str), StrLength(Str), string-length(Str) and sizeof(Str) is baked. We won’t even get into whether “Str” is a string, an object, a buffer, a pointer, an ANSI string, a PChar, an array of Byte, an array of char, a Unicode string or a variant.

If you understood more than 20% of that, I’m kind of sad for you. You probably want one of these.

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