Mac, the Continuing Story

Okay, so as I think I’ve mentioned, Macs suck. And normally I’m pretty apologetic about the PC as well. But now Sterling has come out and said, Macs suck, but they still r00l, basically because they don’t get viri. Okay, so I support a ridiculous number of home PCs. Poorly patched Windows PCs, mostly. Like five, plus about a dozen virtual machines. Most of these with only standard Windows updates (eventually) behind a hardware firewall. Knock on wood, I have yet to have a virus or spyware. Really, you have to be both a complete slacker and moron to get one of these things. You have to be asking for it. You have to click on six things that say, “yes, please infect me and while you’re at it install software that will destroy my machine and share my personal, financial and biblical information with the world.” If you’ve done that, if you fall for that, you suck. You are the problem. And guess what, 90% of you use the PC. Why? Because 92% of the world uses the PC. Big surprise. If you look at the actual statistics, more Mac users are morons, because if one Mac user gets a virus, if one Mac user gets hacked, they blow the whole curve, because no one is targeting them. It’s the law of diminishing returns. Why hack a Mac when you can hack a PC? You’re just playing the odds. So if you want to live in paranoia, if you want to pay through the nose, if you can afford to have three computers so you can keep (maybe) two working at any given moment, own a Mac. Own a slow-assed, gimmicky, open-source exploiting, hypocritical, insulting-your-intelligence piece of shit Mac.

Bruce, buddy, just fyi, I will call you on this shit until the day I die.

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