Thin is the New "Husky," or Something

I’ve heard comments about Slate not inhabiting the real world when it comes to some of their opinions, and I have to say that for perhaps the first time, I agree. I have to wonder if Seth Stevenson even knows he’s being a chauvinist prick, if he’s even slightly aware how much of the thin-is-in Kool-Aid he’s imbibed. Whatever the back story, Seth spends about 800 words trying to come up with “nice” ways to call these gorgeous women fat. Until the last sentence, where he just comes out and calls them fat. Man, if these women are fat, or even “hefty” or “big-boned,” then I really need to move to Seth Stevenson’s town. Because by any measure, these women are beautiful. They’ve got pretty faces, smooth skin (hey, it’s a Dove advertising campaign, they better), great smiles, good proportions. What they don’t have, at least from where I’m standing is “paunches” and “asses,” at least not ones worth commenting on derogatorily. And I’m pretty sure their doctors are not hounding them to lose weight at every routine physical. How many of us can say that?

Hey Seth, go eat a sandwich. And then go fuck yourself, okay?

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