I Really Hope That’s Not a Baby

Yeah, right there, between the crushed stroller and the hastily-abandoned car seat. Apparently all hell broke lose when a school district attempted to virtually give away their entire inventory of four-year-old Apple iBooks. Perhaps before decommissioning the machines, the school administrators might have used them to look up such salient terms as “lottery,” “sealed bid” and “silent auction” on the Internet. Still, they have spiffy new Dell machines on which to read about the riot they facilitated, so who cares? Don’t miss the attached photo essay, in particular the looks on the faces of the frenzied mob. Clearly they believe this is their finest hour.

I’m starting to think maybe Virginia is the new Florida.

2 thoughts on “I Really Hope That’s Not a Baby”

  1. Pardon me for being uppity, but some of those people don’t really have the iBook look about them…

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