Global Climate Change on the Horizon? Dude, We’re There!

So I’m reading this article about the strategic planning the Pentagon is doing for the day when global warming starts killing a bunch of people and we really do have to go to war with the whole world to ensure our survival (you know, as opposed to right now, where we do it for sport). And I read this paragraph that says global warming will cause an ice age and “worse, it would cause massive droughts, turning farmland to dust bowls and forests to ashes.” Massive droughts? Dust bowls? Equatorial forests burned to the ground? That’s like so last century.

Also, I kind of take issue with the whole global warming causes ice ages thing. Not because it’s counter-intuitive, which actually works in its favor as a theory, but because it smacks so hard of wishful thinking. I mean we know that biologically, as a species and a planet, we’re capable of surviving an ice age. We’re pretty sure we can’t survive a runaway greenhouse effect, so why even bring it up, I guess.

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