Some Days Doesn’t Google Just Make You Want to Marry It?

Or at least take it to a really nice dinner, get it tipsy on champagne and seduce it in a 4-star hotel room? Okay, maybe not. But they do keep coming up with cool stuff. Like today’s Personalized Search. Yes, the creep factor is there. Yes, Google is now going to keep a history of what you search for and use that to influence your future searches (note, however, that A9 has been doing this for at least a year already). Yes this is going to be distracting and potentially embarrassing for people who use Google all day for work and then all night looking for information on Furries. But I know it happens pretty often that I want to go back to a specific pages I clicked on from a Google search and can’t for the life of me find it in my polluted, disorganized browser history. And if I’m reading this right, unlike browser history, you can pause the Google history. I think the logical next step is to have a home and work mode for it, but you can accomplish that yourself today just by using two different gmail accounts as your Personalized Search accounts. In fact, extending the idea further, you could have a separate account for each of the unique tasks you perform on your computer. This is assuming any confusion results. Maybe gmail is smart enough to separate your daytime PHP programming searches from your nighttime… whatever.

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