Heaviest Landing Page Ever

she never wears pantsI just clicked on this ad from boingboing.net–for obvious reasons, I mean who can pass up a T-shirt that reads “I never wear pants?”–and a T-shirt site started loading. And kept loading. And kept loading. For like a minute! On a 6mbps cable modem connection. Turns out this page causes IE to soak up at least 14 megs of RAM when it loads, just in content–that’s on top of about 20 megs that IE uses for its footprint to support all the features called for on the page. That’s frightening. And this is a landing page from clicking on a banner ad! In the business have a word for this… actually, we don’t, because nobody does this. But a small price to pay from the user perspective, I suppose, to be able to create your masterpiece of self-expression.

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