Take 5-Megapixel Stills While Recording Video!

Oh yeah, and do it with a deck of cards. Talk about a feature you desperately needed and didn’t even know it, Casio nails it with the new Exilim.

I’m currently in the market for a digital camera, ever since my Kodak DX4900 started showing an ugly design flaw in the way the docking station charges batteries. And really, 4-megapixel is way-crappay at this point.

The question is, do I go hard-core and heavy-duty with a Canon Digital Rebel XT, or even better a Canon EOS 20D (insert Homer Simpson salivation sounds here)? Or do I go with something I’m likely to actually carry around with me like the Exilim? The thing is, I’ve been down the SLR road with Canon before. And while the pictures came out noticeably better than anything you’ll take with a point-and-shoot, actually taking them becomes a radical commitment in terms of time and luggage. Dell had those big boys on sale last week, and I missed it, but that’s put the idea in my head, so now I’m really wondering what my next step will be.

And hey, how come Canon never came up with a 35-mm, 400 ASA-equivalent digital capture replacement back for my A-1?

One thought on “Take 5-Megapixel Stills While Recording Video!”

  1. I have a Canon SD500 Digital Elph and while it’s great to carry around, it takes a verrrry steady hand.

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