All Your Rip-Off Hosting Solutions Are Belong to Us!

Only open this if you have an incredibly-robust pop-up blocker and as much love as I do for ESL press releases. On second thought, just don’t go here.


Instead, read it here (all typos are ibid, of course!):

Want a Dollar a Day Self Administered WWWebsite?

It’s like magic! There is nothing to download, nothing to install, no HTML coding, no FTP uploading; nothing you need do except surf your site’s URL then input the correct password key. This is the virtual equivalent of opening a *Safety Deposit Box* at an old-fashioned money-type bank, except that all your valuable ideas, information and images are stored in our higly secure, always-open, *drive-thru* databank.

show the full press release here (safe)

I think I’m going to start using *air asterisks* in all my sentences. And join one of them old-fashioned, money-type banks.

And for the record, a dollar a day for a web site is what we in the business call a *bad deal*. But for a WWWebsite it might be okay.

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