Sometimes Even Raving Liberals Love Guns

Actually, I don’t know what Xeni Jardin‘s politics are precisely (hell, I’m not entirely sure what her gender is), but because she’s a blogger at, where they often talk about civil rights and creative commons and The Daily Show, and since she works for NPR and hangs out with the likes of Larry Flynt, I kind of assume she’s left-leaning. In any case, Xeni went to the shooting range today and got her Glock on and apparently enjoyed it. You know, as an intellectual exercise. An intellectual exercise in which you blow shit away. Hey girl, I’ve been there, I understand.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes Even Raving Liberals Love Guns”

  1. Or, maybe, just maybe, the whole idea that “liberals” have to hate guns is a big fat giant myth?

  2. Hey man. I agree. This is why when I hear Bill Maher doing his “gun owners are the only ones who didn’t give up anything after 9/11” talking point I just cringe.

  3. “I don’t know what Xeni Jardin’s politics are precisely (hell, I’m not entirely sure what her gender is)”

    I see this lot on many sites where Xeni’s name comes up. What is this common gender theme that keeps popping up? I am not quite sure why this is relevant. What I do know, is that it is almost always men who question it.

  4. Well, my comment was parenthetical, so relevance was by no means guaranteed (nor was my attempt at humor, apparently). I can’t speak for anyone else who might question; as for me, it’s mostly that Xeni seems too good to be true, a little too virtual (aren’t we all?), so I’m naturally skeptical.

  5. Y’know, I have no idea why they bothered posting that as well. Not sure why BB made any sort of an issue out of it.

    There are plenty of left-wing/liberal types that like guns. I’m one of them. I happen to enjoy blowing up old hard drives with my .12 gauge.

    Target practice & therapy, all at the same time. 😀

  6. I dunno – I’m a girl and I wondered what “Xeni” was (m/f). Probably because the name sounds so much like Xenu, alien creator of all Scientologists or something like that. Hm. Now I’m wondering what sex Xenu is. Was. Is.

  7. I am a liberal living in mississippi. I don’t care about anyone else having or using guns, as long as the noise, shrapnel/stray bullets stay out of my airspace. I’m all for giving people just enough rights to hang themselves. And I don’t like paying for the rope. Wow, I don’t even sound that much like a liberal.

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