Trying Something New

You may notice that the advertising links to the right are now provided by Google’s AdSense program. They may be irrelevant or even hilarious until Google re-spiders my site due to some ancient keywords and other search engine trickery that I recently removed. So bear with me.

I’d been manually cycling out those book/movie/CD links and images for a long time, ostensibly because they were links to Amazon which could earn me money. Guess what: they never did. And yet they were probably more aesthetically pleasing than the AdSense ads (especially when Google throws in a graphical skyscraper ad from time to time, which I see they’re doing now). I may try to go back and automate the book/movie/CD links at some point, because they did at least represent products I was recommending, but for now you’re stuck with “Ads by Goooooogle.” By the way, if you come over to my house and use one of my computers, please don’t click on any of these ads, because that’s a violation of the terms of service and will get me booted. Thanks!

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