First Day of Spring, First Day of Swim

Today was an odd weather day, which is to say on the boring side of normal for Texas. This morning was very spring-like, complete with the sounds and smells and feeling in the air that I associate with spring growing up on Long Island. Then about 1pm it cleared up and the temperature got up to at least 80. This is really the perfect kind of day here. So perfect that I sat in the sun for an hour and actually got hot enough to go in the pool (water temperature currently around 62, and that’s being generous). Apparently I had forgotten how to swim since last year because I ended up sucking up a bunch of highly-chlorinated (5.0ppm free chlorine, so still technically swimmable, barely) water through my nose and then swallowing it. Invigorating! It was cold too, but I had to clean out the sprayer heads of the self-cleaning mechanism—an annual, ironic task—so I put on the mask and snorkel and got to work. Given that distraction, it really wasn’t too bad, and it was still warm enough when I got out, even with the sun behind the back hedge, that I didn’t feel much of a need to dry off. Only in Texas do you get the first day of spring and the first day of summer on the same day. Hard to complain about it though.

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