Can You Tell the New Media Punditry from Randomly-Generated Text?

Ah yes, let the gobbledygook begin.

Be sure to schedule your conference choices to maximize the requisition of information!

I’m sure there’s a game show in here somewhere, and if it was going to be played anywhere in the world it would be at SXSW. Let me just take a phrase or sentence pretty much at random from each of the four scheduled speakers for the Saturday Digital Convergence Panel, mash them together (I call this “convergence”), and see what happens.

Food for thought as we bridge the landscape of devices, which confront the content developers. Specific examples are possible synergistic benefits; common needs can be realized that can be enhanced by the group working together. Is this something unique to what we are currently calling “digital convergence” or is it something that has happened within other transitional periods? Or even the guys that soldered RCA outputs to their Atari 2600’s (I still have one in the attic I think) or the guys that decide the best use of the computer was to play space invaders.

Yeah, I’ve got your convergence, right here.

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