The Coming Cult of Terry O’Quinn

Terry O'QuinnLet me introduce you to one of the coolest and most under-utilized actors in Hollywood: Terry O’Quinn. You don’t know his name, but you do know his face. He’s currently playing the enigmatic John Locke on Lost. He notably played the good bad guy on Millennium, Peter Watts. You’ve also likely seen him in West Wing, Alias and the eminently-funky and short-lived Earth 2. I’m hoping he’s now hooked up with the frat pack after appearing in Old School and will be in more of their projects.

But if I really had my way, this guy would have his own TV show after Lost wraps. Anything where he gets more than three lines a week would be great, but preferably something mysterious and paranoid and way off-center. Joss Whedon, are you listening? Sci-Fi Channel, get out your checkbook.

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