Herr Doktor Sterling

Why didn’t someone think of chaining Bruce Sterling to a desk and giving him a couple of dozen peons to do his bidding a long time ago? For those who don’t know, Bruce is taking a year in residency as a design instructor at the Art Center College of Design where he will presumably inform the work of a new generation of brilliant yet paranoid design professionals.

This is just one example, and you’ll want to check out his full blog (this link will rust, though) to check out the impressive level of output these slaves… I mean students of his are generating all of a sudden and that he’s posting without credit.

Normally I find this “found items from the future” idea blatantly gimmicky—just look inside the back cover of Wired magazine every month. But in this case I have to respect them for two things: the short timeline and the restraint, which, I suppose, are facets of each other. And because it’s La La Land, and because they’re focusing on media response, the results are heavily weighted toward celebrity and consumerism, which I think is an accurate if obvious projection of our current culture into the future.

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