Corporate Commands

I’m sure that if you take any single aspect of our culture and focus intently upon it the results are not very pleasing. This fact does not diminish the creepiness of of the database of corporate commands.

If you thought “Just Do It!” was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

“Be yourself only better” (Premier Fitness)
“Get your smile on!” (Lay’s)
“Capture life anytime, anywhere” (Radio Shack!)

So let me get this straight, people get paid to come up with this shit, and then it makes other people buy shit? I am so scared.

2 thoughts on “Corporate Commands”

  1. “Make fiber a part of your everyday life” is so disconcerting out of context. Is effort required? I interact with fiber in so many ways during the course of a day. Not to mention being imbued with a moral fiber that would knock the knickers off a polar bear at ten paces. Pah.

  2. Talk about lack of context! I’d have to actually consult the database to know if “make fiber a part of your everyday life” is a command from Chex or Qwest.

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