And While We’re on the Subject…

Of primitivity and me ranting about it, of course… Blogger is another study in frustration. After using Gmail for something like six months, and now looking at Blogger as just another Umbrella Corporation… I mean Google product, I’m shocked to discover that certain things about Blogger just suck.

First of all, the Blogger spell checker is a joke. It doesn’t even know the word “blog,” or any variation, which, while a nice bit of irony, is pretty annoying in the very meta world in which we live (and more importantly blog!).

The other big shock I had today is that the ability to post via email in just broken. It used to work, and it’s one of the big reasons I finally bit the bullet and converted this blog to Blogger! I emailed in a post hours ago and it never showed up, never bounced, just went into the ether never to be heard from again. Great.

The other item I really thought they would have added by now is categories. Most of the other blogging systems allow you to categorize posts so that your archives can be segmented or whatever. I suppose you could create a separate blog for each area of your site—I may eventually create a blog for books or my own writing or whatever—but then you can’t cross-post or have the newest items from all blogs automatically aggregate to your main blog. Maybe there are plug-ins or extensions or something I’m not aware of, but dammit, I waited for the bleeding edge to dull down a bit. This should be easy by now!

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