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Last Updated 11/29/2004 by dickdiamond.com


Cynicism is Job One

From a recent Product Developer position on Monster that awoke one of my sleeping agents:

Experience working on a "cash cow" software product in the $10 to $100 million annual revenue range (2-3 versions, 6 releases)is highly desirable

The ad was placed by a Houston company called DataCert which, according to its home page, is in the linguistically-tortured business of "Legal Spend Management."

And no, my agent is not set to scan for "cash cow."


Fuck Apple

I haven't come right out and said it before, so there. You ever read something or watch TV or a movie or hear something in conversation that just turns you off totally? That makes you want to or actually close the cover, stab the remote, walk out of the room? That's how I feel when I read the words "built with/made possible by/thanks to Apple." Give it a rest people. You know why I don't thank my PC? Not because it sucks. Most of the time it sucks far less than an Apple product. The reason I don't thank it is because it's a fucking machine, produced by a loose association of corporate hierarchies and paid for by my labor, either piece by piece or as a whole. So you know what, I don't have to thank it or them. I don't have to feel the least bit grateful for it or them. It's a goddamned appliance. Anything else is just hype. Get over it. And shove your iPod up your ass while you're at it.


DRM for Ugly Mugs

Following up on Big Brother laser printer and the "TV B-Gone" from the last few days, we now have this lovely piece of vaporware.

We're quickly approaching that tipping point beyond which more than 50% of technology is engineered solely to defeat other technology—even within the same device.


Nothing Jumpstarts a Blog Like 10 Gallons of Beer

At least let's hope that's true.



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