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Build Your Own Lathe!

Man, who needs an Amazon wish list when there's Lindsay's Technical Books? Check out these other titles:

Making Crucibles
Practice & Theory of Injectors
How I Pour Babbit Bearings

It's almost Zen, isn't it?


$14 Steady-Cam

I don't have a movie in me, but if you're one of those people who does, or one who thinks they do long enough to actually go out and shoot some footage, you need to build yourself one of these. The sample video clips demonstrate almost professional-quality panning and tracking shots. I assume that Sony's dynamic image stabilization was also used, but having used that myself I have to believe the "$14 Steady-Cam" is doing most of the work.

Raising the Bar on Blandness

Jack in the Box, which I like, owns Qdoba, which I've never heard of. What's particularly interesting to me about this is that if you look at the map of Qdoba locations, it seems like they're all located in places that traditionally are thought of as having bad, bland food in general, and horrendous Mexican food in particular. This is a common and probably savvy gimmick: take a highly-Americanized version of an ethnic food to a clueless population. This is how Taco Bell got its start in the South.

For Some Reason Larry Flynt's Office is Exactly How I Pictured It xeni jardin interviews larry flynt in his L.A. office

Maybe because of the movie, but then that was portraying events that happened what, 20, 30 years ago?

Anyway, interesting short interview with Larry at Wired talking about civil liberties. I can't think of anyone who has remained as consistently on the front lines/bleeding edge of this issue longer, so I tend to listen to him.

There was also a piece on NPR's Day to Day with some additional comments from Larry Flynt and John Perry Barlow.


Is This a Real University, and Will Anyone Go There Next Year?

The liberal arts department of a San Francisco art school kicks out a student and fires a teacher over offensive language in assignments in a writing class.

And the administration claims to never have heard of David Foster Wallace. Perhaps they were too busy reading Forbes.

Anyone who got an MFA from this place better start looking for a job—in sales.




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