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So, this one time, at band camp . . .

That's right, I watched American Pie last night. Despite the fact that I had already watched the movie in the last six months—a fact I could not remember until an hour into the film—I watched it again on Encore (motto: we play all the movies you'd never pay to rent). And it was funny. So funny, in fact, that at one point soda shot out of my nose from laughing so hard (yes, it was at a band camp joke). That probably hasn't happened in 10 years, and it hurts. By the way, I was never in band and I never went to camp.

Other than that, lots of fun Christmas shopping and getting my truck ready for a mecca to the homeland later this week. I can't say what kind of presents I bought, because the recipients may be reading (yeah, right, nobody's reading), but I can tell you all the nice gifts my truck has received this week: belts, plugs, distributor, rotor, wires, oil, oil filter, and fuel filter. Believe me, it seems like more than that when you're groveling around under the truck removing the skid plate for the fourth time to tighten the alternator belt one more time. I think everything is finally straitened out—no squeaking belts, no hesitation, no misfiring. I curse because it's not running right and then I realize I haven't changed the fuel filter in 25,000 miles. Oops.

Oh, by the way, some of the Big Bend pictures are up: sunsets and other.


Finally ported this redesign over to my work site, which is a good thing, because that site was downright goofy. The unfortunate side effect of that has been realizing how out of date some of the content is over there. One more thing to put on the list.

Also finished reading the George W. biography: remained scary throughout. Definitely a book I can't discuss with anyone who hasn't read because I sound like a paranoid crackpot.

I just started Vernon Vinge's Across Realtime. Not sure what to think of that so far, but everyone says it's going to be great.


I've been looking at a lot of web sites, especially web logs, getting inspired for this redesign. I've read a lot of pathetic shit, but some things are pretty damned funny. Like this tidbit on why guys shouldn't piss on their girlfriends in the shower. I don't buy some of this chick's other opinions, but none the less, this is why I love the Internet.


Right now I'm reading Fortunate Son: The Making of an American President, which is the extremely unauthorized biography of George W. "Dub-yah" Bush. Man, if you ever wanted to read a study in corruption, this is it. According to this book, the Bush family is tied into almost every evil presence of the 20th century—from the Nazis to the KKK to Osama Bin Laden. It's an eye-opener. Read this one and make sure Bush doesn't get reelected.


This is the new design of my web site. What do you think?

I know, I'm the last guy on the planet to switch to web log format. But hey, I've had important sleeping to do. Anyway, now that I'm at least attempting to "keep it fresh," I hope you'll read and comment.

In case you're wondering what my inspiration was, check out Wil Wheaton's page. Hey, I'm not in Star Trek X, but then I didn't have to suffer through years of being the Wesley Boy, so I figure we're about even. Maybe not.



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